Wednesday, November 26, 2014

75) The Fidelity Wars

this is my favorite break up album. Meaning that i listened to obsessively for a such a fixed time that I'm not sure if its true anymore. But if you ask what does breaking up feels like, its this. Hefner is acquired taste, I've never met another person to know of this band, with the exception of the girl I broke up with when i first played it.

76) El Chavo del Ocho

Iconic as it is, this show is part of my childhood. Growing up in the United States I had a foot in both my own culture and the American one. This show is about a homeless boy who lives in a barrel. Note I tell this to people familiar with the show, that I remember that Chavo tells someone that he is actually not homeless but is in fact from apartment Eight. No one believes me.

77) So Far From God

Anna Castillo was the first Latino author that made me want to be that fun, and amazingly gifted. She is the bar that I one day hope to match or exceed, and as an English major whose read Joyce, Proust, Twain ect ect it was a relief to find something that spoke to me.
On a side note I was lucky to be given a copy of The Mixquiahuala Letters, another novel of hers that can be read differently depending on your personality. That is a book that women lend out from friend to friend.

“But what had really happened, unfortunately, as ideal as it started out to be, was not that they had succeeded in becoming one, but that they had become neither.” 
― Ana Castillo, So Far from God