Monday, April 15, 2013

84) Veronica Mars

There is always that show that means something to you, that you can't understand why it gets cancelled. For Some its Freaks and Geeks which is divine, but for me Veronica Mars was a pretty cool show that ran three seasons. It was smart and Unlike Buffy I actually watched it while it was on the air.

This was always on my list of favorite things but the universe saw it fit to create more.

85) The Dead Milkmen

The Dead Milkmen is one of those things where if I meet anyone who knows of them their cool stock goes up by 200%. I was just a in my early teens when I was exposed to their coolness. They were a punk rock band the way you image your 13 year old friends forming a punk rock band. They were funny as hell and it is one of those rare cult bands. If you know them your just too cool. They did a Daniel Johnston cover for Gob Sakes...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

86) Christopher Durang

In high school I had the privileged of being introduced to different playwrights and Christopher Durang was the right mix of Catholicism, Freud and  Sex.

Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang

Charlotte: (Through intercom) You may send the next patient in, Marcia. (She arranges
herself at her desk. Smiles in anticipation)
(Enter Bruce. He sits)

Charlotte: (Continued) Hello.

Bruce: Hello. (Pause) Should I just begin?

Charlotte: Would you like to begin?

Bruce: I threw a glass of water at someone in a restaurant.

Charlotte: Did you?

Bruce: Yes.

Charlotte: Did they get all wet?

Bruce: Yes.

Charlotte: (Points to child’s drawing) Did I show you this drawing?

Bruce: I don’t remember. They all look alike.

Charlotte: It was drawn by an emotionally disturbed three year old. His parents beat
 him every morning after breakfast. Orange juice, toast, Special K.

Bruce: Uh huh.

Charlotte: Do you see the point I’m making?

Bruce: Yes, I do, sort of. (Pause) What point are you making?

Charlotte: Well, the point is that when a porpoise first comes to me, it is often
immediately clear…Did I say porpoise? What word do I want? Porpoise.
Pompous. Pom Pom. Paparazzi. Polyester. Pollywog. Olley olley oxen
free. Patient. I’m sorry, I mean patient. Now what was I saying?

Bruce: Something about when a patient comes to you.

Charlotte: (Slightly irritated) Well, give me more of a clue.

Bruce: Something about the child’s drawing and when a patient comes to you?

Charlotte: Yes. No, I need more. Give me more of a hint.

Bruce: I don’t know.

Charlotte: Oh I hate this, when I forget what I’m saying. Oh, damn. Oh damn,
damn, damn. Well, we’ll just have to forge on. You say something for a
while, and I’ll keep trying to remember what I was saying. (She moves
her lips)

Bruce: (After a bit) Do you want me to talk?

Charlotte: Would you like to talk?

Bruce: I had an answer to the ad I put in.

Charlotte: Ad?

Bruce: Personal ad.

87) Chuck Berry

This is Rock and Roll, This is being in love with a car, your guitar, and your girl. To me is the heir to the Cab Calloway school of cool.

88) Paul Gauguin

It is in the beauty of the skin of the women he paints. The contrast of dark skin and bright colors is something that appeals to me. The colors are bright and the contrasts are wonderful.