Friday, December 2, 2011

91) James Bond Movie Theme Songs...Up to a point

Growing up my father had this on record vinyl, and would play it around the house. Those early Bond themes were cool, up to maybe a View to Kill, then i Guess I didn't care anymore....

92) The Cure's : Boys Don't Cry Poster

In my teenage years I loved the cure, and this my friends is the coolest poster ever. Maybe because you don't even have to see his face.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

93) Garbage Pail Kids

 These cards are disgusting and childish sophomoric and I really enjoy them.

My collection on a side note was destroyed by little sister who found them repulsive. I will buy a pack if i see them, as an adult.

94) Cab Calloway

Oh lord this guy is so cool. Maybe its the his dance, his suits or the music, but he got it.

on a side note, I love that Max Fleischer used Cab in some of his cartoons. Here enjoy...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

97- Interpols debut Turn on The Bright Lights

It was around the early part of the 2000's that I gave up on music as hobby. There was so much, and the music I was into had lost some of its charm. Interpol was the last band that really moved me.

98- Grease the Movie

I like this movie in general, but it was right after my first college girlfriend broke up with me that she asked me over to watch it. I got chills that are multiplying....

99- The Bear Necessities

This reminds me of my bond with my little sister. I am a bit of a Jungle Bum, I sing this song quite often at
work. It's very Zen........

100- Buffy the Musical Episode

I love this episode, In fact if you were to bring up the show, and maybe you would in some hypothetical conversation, this is what would pop in my mind, immediately.

In The Beginning........

I already have a blog, or rather i like to call it blog. But the sad truth is, poetry is not prose, or at least that's how the Barnes and Noble has dissected the world into. So this dear reader is my meandering thoughts, and yes you will say to yourself, "My god, is that what i think it is, is that a... meandering thought?" I can say with certainty it is.

This blog, though will list some of my favorite things, more than the hundred implied will be listed. I don't think I win a prize of any sort should i reach a Hundred, but also I don't think anyone would care if I never reach a hundred.

I don't intend to post any poetry here, as that is what that whole other blog is suppose to be about. This blog is for the orphan thoughts, the refugee observations, or as Freud would called it, crap.